The priest lifts a brunette's skirt and fucks her

The priest lifts a brunette's skirt and fucks her

It was with considerable trepidation that David walked up the garden of this neat suburban semidetached house and knocked on the door. In all his 22 years he had never lived away from his home or away from his mother and elder sister. Now, having moved on promotion with his company he was about to meet his new landlady at his lodgings arranged by his company. She opened the door and David was met by an imposing lady in her mid forties, she stood very straight, wearing a blouse which strained at the buttons, a dark tight skirt, an attractive lady of a dress size 12 or 14 perhaps David thought. She smiled a big smile and held her hand out, "You must be David, I am Mrs Robinson, do come in and I'll make us a cup of tea". As they chatted over the tea she gently probed David about his background, about his mother and sister and his life style. She quickly deduced a shy, immature, nervous unworldly young man who was somewhat reluctant to discuss his mother and sister in detail. That will wait she thought, all will be revealed in due course. She noted a tall, well built young man with a nice if nervous smile. "Come on I'll show you the house" she said as she rose and led the way around the house. She went first upstairs sensing his eyes on her tightly skirted bottom. "This is my room and I have my own bathroom, this is your room and the bathroom is opposite. I expect you to keep both neat and tidy. You will notice I have placed a box of tissues on your bedside, when you masturbate be certain to ejaculate into a tissue and dispose of it cleanly, I will be very cross if I find any spermatozoa on your sheets or pyjamas. You do masturbate I suppose David?" She had used this approach before to embarrass and confuse young men and to confirm her superior status. She watched as he blushed and looked at the floor. "Well do you?" she demanded. David continued to look at the floor and muttered "Yes sometimes Mrs. Robinson" "Well I don't mind how often you do it as long as you are tidy with your habits. You can unpack your things and dinner will be ready in about an hour" And so David settled in, he left the house before his landlady rose in the morning, making his own breakfast, they ate together in the evening, watched tv, he joined a gym and a 5 a side football group and she played bridge some evenings and sometimes had friends around. On 2 evenings when she was out and he stayed in the house she layed the simplest trap for him and he walked straight into it. They were having breakfast together on Saturday morning, both in their dressing gowns when she smiled a big smile at him and said "Why did you go into my bedroom when I was out on Wednesday and Thursday evening David?" he looked up and blushed bright red, he spluttered put his head down and muttered "I just wanted to look inside Mrs Robinson, I'm so sorry". She said nothing but looked at him. She smiled again enjoying his embarrassment, enjoying his confusion. he was wonderfully naive. "So explain why you opened all the drawers on my dressing table and my wardrobe doors". She knew this as she had placed a hair from her head across the join on this furniture and he had walked into the trap as she knew he would. David was mortified, he could not deny what he had done nor could he look Mrs. Robinson in the eye. She waited as he squirmed and twisted in his seat. He looked up at her with tears forming in his eyes. "I'm so sorry Mrs Robinson, I'll never do it again." "Presumably you are interested in my underwear, my knickers, did you try them on, did you put them around your penis and masturbate, did you find one pair particularly attractive, do you prefer my briefs, my thongs, my French knickers, come along David tell me about your interest in my knickers, tell me about your perversion". David looked up into her face, he was very attracted to her, she had a lovely smile, but her smile now was with her mouth only not with her eyes, these were hard and intense, he felt totally and utterly helpless. He looked down and started to sob quietly. She was delighted with his sobbing, with his utter submission, she was eagerly looking forward to thrashing his bottom which she knew was not far away, but no need to rush, it would be all the sweeter when it came. She allowed him to sob, talking quietly to him about how disappointed she was, how she had trusted him, how her knickers were very personal. "David, I am sure that you have done this before, you must have looked at your mother's knickers, and your sister's". "Yes" he muttered. "And did they find out?" Again a strangled "Yes Mrs Robinson".  "So tell me what happened then".  "I was spanked very hard"  "By your mother or your sister" " " By both separately on different occasions" David had decided to tell Mrs Robinson anything she asked, he had to put himself at her mercy, to beg her forgiveness, he was helpless before her, he was frightened, nervous, and very vulnerable. Mrs Robinson took a moment digest
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this new information. This was getting better by the minute she thought, so this is what is behind his relationship with his mother and sister, they both spanked him. She needed more. "David, I want you to tell me all about being spanked by your mother and sister, go back to when you were young and tell me everything in detail.".  "Yes Mrs Robinson, I don't remember my father, all my life has been with Mummy and Mary my sister. Mummy used to spank my bare bottom with her hand when I was young, as I got older she would spank me with a leather strap as well if I was naughty, later she would cane me sometimes. When Mary was 16 I was 12 and Mummy said that I had to treat her as if she was my mother and that she could spank me when she felt it necessary. She often felt it necessary and she used the strap and cane more than Mummy and spanked harder". Here he lowered his eyes and looked downwards, he spoke more softly,"They both still punish me when they feel it necessary" She looked at David and said nothing for some time, he was red faced and red eyed, occasionally looking into her eyes trying to work out what she was thinking. "When you looked into my wardrobe, apart from my clothes, what did you see?" "I saw 2 canes and 3 straps hanging up at the back". "I am going upstairs to get them and when I come down I am going to thrash your bottom long and hard, you will be naked and I want you to take your punishment without yelling or screaming or making a fuss. At some later date I want a lot more detail about how your mother and Mary used to punish you. Wait here". She went upstairs and returned with a 2 tailed leather spanking strap and a medium weight rattan cane. "Take your dressing gown and pyjama top off and come and stand in front of me". David did so trembling with anxiety and trepidation but mixed with strong emotions towards Mrs Robinson who would purge him of his misbehaviour in a way so familiar to him. She undid his pyjama trousers and allowed them to fall to the floor. She gazed at his naked body, he was well built, wide shoulders, well developed pecs, erect straining penis, reasonable size, uncircumcised, she got up and walked behind him, well developed buttocks, strong and muscular. "Is your penis always erect prior to a thrashing". "Usually Mrs Robinson". "And what do your mother and sister say about that" "Mummy ignores it or says that it will go down as she punishes me, Mary is always cross and sometimes slaps it with her hand or a 30 cm. plastic ruler, sometimes with a strap". "Does she now, very interesting, now listen to me carefully, draw your foreskin down, I like my men completely naked when I thrash them, stand at the end of the settee, lean forwards with your 2 hands on the arm, open your legs wide as I want to strap and cane the inside of your thighs as well as the back of  them and your bottom you may put 1 hand over your testicles when I do that as I have no wish to hit them at this stage". David obeyed meekly and she took up her position with the strap in hand. she was slow and methodical as she strapped his buttocks and thighs down to his knees. She stopped briefly to remove her dressing gown, now only in a thin short nightdress naked underneath,  David, as expected did not move and she stayed out of view, briefly rubbing an increasingly swollen and damp pussy. She resumed strapping up from his knees, harder now, David grunted as the strap reddened and bruised his flesh. She shifted position and started on the inside of his thighs, David protected his testicles as the strap burned the tender skin, forehand on one leg, backhand on the other, from the knees to the top and back again, both sides, hard. David's breath was loud, interspersed with cries as the heat built up. She stopped and fetched the cane giving David a brief glimpse of herself in a revealing nightdress, Christ, his penis started to harden again, she was beautiful. She ran her hand over her pussy again, 2 or 3 times before taking up her position with the cane. She thrashed his buttocks, she thrashed his thighs, she thrashed the exquisitely tender sensitive inside of his thighs. David broke down and sobbed but  stoically did not move from his position. And then it was over. She put her dressing gown on and David stood up, she put her arms around him and comforted him as you would a young child, his penis was flaccid. "I have a feeling that I might have to punish you again some time David, hopefully not so severely, but please leave my knickers alone, I will ask you on another occasion what you actually did with them but in the meantime you probably want to go to your room to recover and probably masturbate, all is forgiven I will see you down here for lunch". "Thank you Mrs Robinson very sorry". David walked uncomfortably, naked, up to his room, she went to hers and soon the buzzing of a vibrator was all that broke the silence.                                         

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