Nu Sta Pe Gand Si Calareste Pula Si Sa Fute Atat De Pasional

Nu Sta Pe Gand Si Calareste Pula Si Sa Fute Atat De Pasional

In my last two years of high school, the boy that lived next door drove me wild with lust. He was a year older than me and never even acknowledged my existence. After this family moved into the neighbourhood, seventeen-year-old Samuel and his hunky father were always busy in their garage fixing vehicles. His dad was simply too old for my taste but Samuel rang every bell in my body, and I tormented my dick fantasizing about him every night. I always imagined being fucked senseless over the hood, trunk, or on the back of a pickup that was being repaired in their garage. I visualized his huge knob protruding out of a dirty overall and his greasy hands pulling my butt cheeks open. Alas, nothing like that ever happened. I often wondered what Samuel would’ve thought if he knew how much spunk I unloaded in tribute to him.***After college, I first rented an apartment before finally buying my own house. Like a good boy I heeded my mother’s advice; ‘always buy a shit place that you can fix, in a good area, rather than buy a great place in a shitty area.’The home needed a great deal of fixing and stressful as it was at times, the overall project was very gratifying. Eighteen months later when a realtor knocked on my front door and asked if I wanted to sell my house, I categorically told him that I wasn’t interested. He did, however, insist on giving me an appraisal just in case I did want to do so at a future date. I let him do his assessment and was elated when he informed me of the price I could get. Despite all the money I had spent thus far, I would still make a healthy profit.‘Well done mom!’ I thought.During the renovation period I had tradesmen coming and going continually. I never got inkling that any of the grimy hunks who came and went were even slightly interested in me. My artwork that consisted of explicit male nudes and the gay magazines and newspapers I left lying about, never sparked a bi-curious note in any of them. Sadly, I eventually realized that my ‘skanky tradesmen fantasy,’ was just a fucking myth. The genius that said that it pays to advertise didn’t know what he was talking about.***After I awoke at seven a.m. one Saturday morning, I switched my geyser on. I only did so for thirty minutes each day to save electricity. Shortly after doing so, I heard running water. After scouting around I saw water pouring out of an overflow pipe from my roof. Even an idiot like me realized that I had a geyser problem. After switching the geyser off I made myself a cup of coffee to calm down. As I sat sipping my coffee I recalled that I had a brochure, which had been placed on my windscreen a while back, promoting all the local tradesmen in the area. After retrieving it I scanned the advertisements.I was relieved when I saw an advert for; ‘Geyser Man.’ The only other information given was a name, Alejandro, and a mobile number. When I phoned a very groggy voice answered. I explained my dilemma and was assured that he would be by in thirty minutes. Thirty-five minutes later there was a knock at my front door.Upon opening the door my jaw almost hit the floor. The personification of ‘Latino butch’ stood looking at me. With my heart pounding wildly I observed the masculine magnificence before me. He introduced himself as Jandro, an abbreviation of his name. Jandro was delectably skanky and his sexy brown eyes were bloodshot. He was quite chunky and his jet-black hair had obviously not seen a comb that morning. He had a thin moustache and what looked like two-day-old stubble on his chin. His t-shirt had obviously been worn the day before because there were distinct dry perspiration lines a few inches under each armpit, heralding a previous day’s toil. His jeans were grubby and the trainers on his feet had seen better days.Above all else, a breeze from behind Jandro overpowered my olfactory senses as never before and I literally felt my salivary glands in my head spinning with excitement. Right there and then, Samuel, the phantom lover from my youth was relegated to obscurity.After introducing me as Maddox, Jandro sheepishly apologized for his scruffiness, explaining that he had been to a hectic party the night before and without showering that morning had rushed over to sort my problem out. Smiling, I profusely thanked him for his great service and told him that I had no hassle with his appearance or odour. In fact, it took every fibre of my being not to scream that I was totally ecstatic with skanky deportment.Upon inviting him in my eyes focussed on his grubby hand as he lifted his toolbox. Again, my mind was sent into horny overload. Once indoors, he placed his toolbox down and awaited my further instructions.“Would you like a cup of coffee?” I asked.“Fuck, hombre, that will save my life,” he answered. By now, I was totally enthralled by his heavy Hispanic accent, which enhanced the macho vibe that was totally mesmerizing me.Indoors, his strong body smell became amplified, driving me to new heights of elation. As I made his coffee he glanced around and asked if he could take a look at my artworks. “Sure, no problem,” I answered.I watched him strutting around and looking at all my naked male paintings, there was no discernible reaction from him. Finally, he stopped and glanced at the gay magazines on my coffee table. Again, there was no overt reaction. When he joined me in the kitchen I handed him his coffee.“You know, I have a cousin who is also gay,” he matter-of-factly informed me, before resuming, “But he’s not like you. He acts like a woman. From your art and books I can see you are gay, but if I met you on the street I wouldn’t guess that you were. Franco, my cousin… is a girly boy… a real queen,” he candidly concluded.At this point, I expected the standard sequence of events that always follows when heterosexual people learn that you are gay. To straights, generally, there seems to be a universal assumption that you and the other gay person they know are the only two homosexuals in the world and therefore, simply have to meet one another. To my great relief, this did not happen.Jandro then got down to business and told me that he hoped it was merely a thermostat problem, which was generally the case. Next, he got into the roof with his toolbox to have a look. Five minutes later when he descended the ladder, he told me that he had replaced the thermostat and that I should switch the geyser back on. After being in the roof Jandro appeared even scruffier than before and the former dry sweat patches under his arms had darkened into a moist stain. Magically, his strong pong had also ripened even further.We were both relieved when we didn’t hear running water after switching the geyser back on. “I’ll wait with you for thirty minutes and then you can check if the water is hot enough,” he informed me.I was about to offer him another cup of coffee but instead, I asked, “May I offer you a beer to sort out your hangover?”“Fuck, hombre, that’s a great idea,” he replied enthusiastically.After handing him his beer he looked out of my kitchen window and remarked on the pretty back garden. Although the house I had bought was in sore need of upgrading, the former owners had been meticulous gardeners. Both the front and back gardens of the house were beautiful. The back garden was surrounded by a dense six-foot high hedge, which afforded me great privacy. In the middle of the lawn, there was a large square rose bed that supplied me with indoor flowers throughout summer.“Do you mind if I go outside and have a proper look?” he asked.After replying in the affirmative I lead him outdoors. Jandro stood looking at the roses in awe, assuring me that he had never seen such a beautiful rose garden. As we stood there, the next question from him had me totally gobsmacked. “Do you mind if I take a man-piss on your lawn?”I almost choked as I answered, “No, not at all.”To my total delight, Jandro did not turn around but merely angled his body forty-five degrees, before unbuttoning his jeans and pushing his underpants under his knob. I almost collapsed with excitement when a fat uncut cock and huge balls appeared, surrounded by a massive black bush of pubic hair.When he finished spraying his piss from side to side, he held his cock in the palm of his hand and asked, “Do you mind if I ask your opinion on something?”“No, not at all,” I said practically choking.“My girlfriend says my dick looks like a flat fat fish,” he stated. Then, after a pause, he continued, “Do you think it looks like a fish?” he earnestly asked.Having been invited I felt comfortable lowering my head to take a closer look. Jandro’s knob tapered to both ends. From its broad base, it expanded substantially to a very wide midsection, before tapering to a smaller uncut head. The shaft also appeared to be flatter, as opposed to round, and I could clearly see his girlfriend’s correlation.“Your girlfriend has a point,” I gingerly confirmed.Jandro nodded his head appreciatively, as if satisfied with the second opinion. Unfortunately, he then enclosed his dick back in his underpants, before buttoning up his jeans.When we returned to the kitchen I offered him another beer, which he gladly accepted. As we stood there counting down the minutes, he asked, “Have you ever been with a woman?”“Sure. Twice, but I always knew I preferred guys,” I answered.I was about to cheekily ask him if he had ever had sex with a guy, but decided against it and opted for a more subtle approach. “Do you have many gay customers?” I inquired.“Sure, quite a few,” he replied, with a shrug.“Do they ever come on to you?” I asked with a naughty grin.“Sure,” he answered, again shrugging. Then after a pause, he continued, “Of course, most of them are older guys and really not my scene. But I always treat them with respect, telling them that I’m straight and have a jealous girlfriend.” Jandro said with a laugh, before again resuming, “A month ago, however, a good looking guy with the same geyser problem as you begged me to fuck him. 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s you, but quite hot… Before I knew what was happening he had his pants off and was bent over a sofa, pleading with me to fuck him,” Jandro concluded with a snigger.“What did you do?” I inquired, also sniggering.“Well… I fucked him,” Jandro stated, matter-of-factly. “It pretty good, in fact, it was fucking hot,” he nonchalantly concluded.After years of frustration, I made an instant decision that I was going to make sure that he also fucked me. I didn’t care what it would take, but my fantasy finally had to become a reality. Almost spluttering, I then begged him to also fuck me.His blasé answer took me by surprise. “Okay… Do you want to bend over the sofa or do you want me to fuck you in your bedroom, hombre?”My mind was spinning so fast that I could barely articulate my reply. My mouth was dry with lust as I stammered, “In… the bedroom… please.”“Okay… let’s go, hombre,” he replied, nodding in that direction.When we arrived in the bedroom we began to undress. Jandro had two religious tattoos on his upper arms; one was of the face of Mother Mary and the other, Jesus. On his back, as I would later see, there was a crucifix. Jandro’s upper chest wasn’t very hairy, but from midway down his stomach there was an abundance of hair, which would mistakenly be called a garden path, because it looked more like a six-lane hairy highway. In fact, from his stomach to his knees, back and front, he was extremely hairy.Before any action took place he looked at me and said, “After two beers, I first need to have a piss, hombre.”I had waited so long for this moment in my life and I wasn’t about to let any part of it escape my skanky imaginings. “I’ll come with you,” I presently responded, to his surprise.As we walked into the bathroom I looked at Jandro and asked, “Why don’t you piss in the shower?”“Why?” he inquired, perplexed.“Because I want you to piss all over me and in my mouth,” I announced.The bewildered look on his face was priceless. Jandro then looked me up and down, totally intrigued, before asking, “Are you sure?”“Yes. I’ve never done this before and have always dreamed about a golden shower,” I replied, with a naughty grin.Jandro once more looked me up and down, and then sniggering once more he said, “I’m always willing to try anything new. This is different for me, but… what the fuck…”I was now on a roll and also had a few more skanky ideas in mind. I was very pleased by his acquiescence and would definitely be exploring all the sordid avenues that I had so often imagined. As I knelt before him he looked down at me with amazement in his eyes. He seemed totally fascinated as he took his cock in hand.Next, Jandro let rip as he commenced pissing all over me. Once I was drenched, I lunged forward and started swallowing his hot piss. “Fuck, hombre, this is fucking hot,” he began intoning.As his tap stopped running I began sucking on his knob. The girth of the midsection of his dick stretched my mouth as never before, but his strong insistent hands made it clear that he wanted to go as deep into my throat as possible. My discomfort was totally negated by the rich smell of his pungent crotch and I let him skull-fuck me to his heart’s content. I was virtually choking on my drool when he finally unloaded into my mouth.As he let go of my head I looked up at him and begged him to turn around and bend over so I could lick his arse. Once more he observed me with a disbelieving look. “Jesus, hombre, are you sure you want to do this?”“Fucking sure!” I replied.Anchoring his arched body with his hands against the wall, Jandro widened his stance. As I looked at the hairy crack before me, adrenalin pumped through my body. Next, I spread his cheeks and began to sniff his crevice. The smell was magnificently ripe! I then began to rim his hole like a pig at a trough, resulting in gasps of excitement from him. When I commenced spearing his hole with my tongue his gasps became grunts.“Fuck, Jesus, fuck, yes hombre, eso es increíble,” Jandro kept repeating.I was in pig heaven and ate him out rapaciously. Shortly, Jandro began frantically tugging on his knob. Gripping hold of his hairy nuts I pulled them backward and broadened my oral onslaught. I was snorting as my mouth moved from his balls to his pucker.Next, in a very swift motion Jandro moved behind me and before I could think, he had my lifted my body and slammed me up against the tiles as he growled like a ravenous wolf. Pinned against the tiles I then felt his knob at my manhole. His entry into me was urgent and gratifyingly uncomfortable, just the way I had always fantasized it would be. Without hesitation, his hips began hammering his fat ‘fish’ into me. After a short while of pounding my arse, he placed his right arm around my neck and commenced squeezing me in a headlock. The lack of oxygen was exciting me to such an extent that I began rubbing my cock frantically against the tiles like a writhing serpent. As I battled to breathe, I could feel my climax fast approaching. When I finally shot my load as my body shuddered, it was the greatest release of my life.Sensing that I had cum, Jandro quickly repositioned my body, placing me on the floor on all fours in the doggy position. He then grabbed hold of hips and pulled me onto his knob. As he got a steady rhythm going he placed his hands on my shoulders and started stabbing my arse harder and harder. With me gasping and him grunting, he fucked me solidly for the next few minutes. When he came I had to anchor myself firmly to counter his frantic thrusting. After he finished he moved around to the front of me. I was still kneeling as I looked up at him and smiled.“I’ve still got a little piss left,” Jandro said, with horny grim.He then placed his dick in my mouth and I once more and drank the heavenly hot liquid. Once he finished pissing he pushed the dirty fingers of his right hand in my mouth. I went to town licking and sucking on his fingers and entire hand to contented groans from above. When I was finally done I grabbed his left hand and followed the same procedure. As I did so I had the pleasure of observing his fat ‘fish’ bobbing and throbbing with excitement. Afterward, I simply had to have another skank ‘fix’ from his pungent crotch, and after grabbing onto his hips my mouth again sheathed his knob. As he ran his icky hands through my hair Jandro skull-fucked me very slowly.A short while later, I pulled my head back and looked up at him again. “I want to clean your armpits,” I announced.Jandro looked bemused by the suggestion, but I could see the horny anticipation in his eyes. After instructing him, he lay down on the floor with his hands behind his head. I then straddled his body and moved my head toward his left pit. I first rubbed my face in the damp cove, inhaling the rich aroma like a junkie. When my tongue entered the fray, he commenced babbling like a bitch in heat. The taste of his stench was delectable and licked like a cat cleaning her kittens. As I did so I could feel his stiff knob nestled between my butt cheeks.Upon lifting my torso later, I gripped hold of his dick behind me and lowered my backside onto it. After grinding my hips for a few moments I once more lowered my torso and zoomed in on his right armpit. As I rubbed my face in the odorous swamp, I could feel Jandro lifting his legs to bended knees before anchoring them on his feet. Next, he started a leisurely upward thrusting. When I began to lick his right pit, enjoying yet another skank fix, Jandro’s spearing and grunting started escalating. This session was more prolonged and I gratifyingly enjoyed my double stimulation. Once I had finished with his right pit I commenced nibbling on his nipples.“Jesus, hombre… aaah, fuck yeah, hombre, fuck yeah,” he began roaring, as our bodies became entwined in carnal pleasure.When I finally lifted my torso, Jandro quickly readjusted our body positions and shortly I was on my back with my legs over his shoulders. On outstretched arms Jandro now hovered above me as he continued to stab my butt. I was really hoping that he would kiss me, but unfortunately he did not. My disappointment, however, was short-lived because after he instructed me to open my mouth he commenced blasting globs of spit into my mouth. The incredible taste of his saliva, the smell of manliness overpowering us, and the feel of his ‘fish’ swimming in my manhole, was totally breath-taking.As I began tugging on my dick I asked him to cum in my mouth when he was ready to do so. Jandro now really began to hammer my backside and shortly I shot another incredible load. Not long after, he shoved my legs downward and scooted up my body. Next, I got to enjoy a second helping of jizz.After he had cum he said, “You know, hombre, I think I still have a little more piss left in me.” As we exchanged horny grins, hot piss once more flowed into my mouth.Once we got to our feet he said, “Do you mind if I test the hot water and rinse myself off?”“No, not at all,” I replied.“I won’t use any soap because I have a very suspicious girlfriend,” he advised me.“Go for it,” I said, as I got out of the shower and began to towel myself off.“Aren’t you going to shower?” he asked.“Later,” I replied. I had no intention of washing all the skank off me for the time being.Once I had paid Jandro after we returned to the living area, I walked him to the front door.“You know, hombre, you taught me a few great tricks today. Sadly, I don’t think my girlfriend will be willing to these things,” he ruefully informed me.“Well, you know where I live and you have my phone number. If or when you pass by in future, give me a call,” I replied. Before he could acknowledge my invitation, I added, “Just make sure you are very dirty.” After exchanging horny grins he walked toward his vehicle.When I got back to my bedroom I lay on the bed replaying all the events of the morning. As I licked my lips the taste of his skank enhanced the memories. Above all, I wondered if I would see Jandro again.  

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