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It was late by the time we served everyone and cleaned up. This had been the busiest Christmas Eve I’d seen in the ten years I’d been volunteering at the shelter. Between the unusual number of people seeking shelter from the storm, and the volunteers who couldn’t make it because of bad roads, those of us who did make it, had to work doubly hard to see everybody fed. I myself had considered not coming, when I’d seen the road conditions, but my truck was good in the snow and even after ten years, I still couldn’t face spending Christmas Eve at home without Kate. Kate loved Christmas, every year when December rolled around, she was like a kid again. The first Christmas after our marriage, she had decorated our little two room dump of an apartment above my uncle’s garage like it was Santa’s own home. There were lights and tinsel and ribbons everywhere and, of course, a tree far too large for the tiny living room/dining room/kitchen. We ate dinner standing at the counter for a month because there wasn’t room for our small kitchen table. I didn’t mind though, it was worth it to see my Kate so happy. Every Christmas morning, no matter what I got her, even those early years when I couldn’t afford to get her the gift she really deserved, she would rip the paper off and squeal with delight at whatever was inside. But, I think the thing she took the most joy in, was not in receiving, but in making others happy with what she gave. Each year, as I opened her gift to me, she would sit, almost trembling, with anticipation as I peeled away the brightly colored paper. I always took my time just to draw out the anticipation and tease her a little, I loved seeing her so excited. It never mattered what she gave me, seeing her like that was better than any gift I could have received. Once we had progressed a little in life, and could afford it, she started a new tradition, one I continue to this day. She would find needy families and we would provide a wonderful Christmas for them. Every year, I would tell her how much we could afford and every year, she would spend more than that. I never minded though, seeing the excitement and joy on her lovely face as we delivered the families’ Christmas gifts, was worth whatever she spent. Our last Christmas together, she was up to five families, I had to rent two moving trucks to deliver everything on Christmas Eve. She was so excited as we drove from house to house, I thought she might actually burst. It was the first time since her diagnosis, months earlier, that I forgot she was sick. In fact, the entire month of December, she showed no symptoms at all. It was truly a magical month for me. After everything was delivered, we would return home and sit by the fire, sipping her special recipe egg nog and watching A Christmas Carol. Afterwards, we would make our way to the bedroom for a little, what she liked to call, jingle balling. Once in the bedroom, she would peel off her clothes and surprise me with sexy new Christmas lingerie. She always said Santa made it only for girls on the nicely naughty list. My first Christmas without her, I didn’t put up any decorations. I tried, but when I went to get her decorations from the basement, I was overcome and had to close the door and walk away. I didn’t feel like doing all of the shopping and wrapping and everything for needy families, but I knew how much it had meant to her, and how disappointed she would be if I didn’t continue the tradition. So I did it anyway. After I delivered everything that Christmas Eve, for the first time since her death, I felt a little joy, knowing I had honored her memory. I couldn’t face the rest of the evening at home without her and passing the shelter as I drove aimlessly, I pulled in and started my new tradition. I was happy this Christmas Eve, between the late hour and all the extra work, sleep would come quickly and I wouldn’t spend long sleepless hours missing her. Bitter cold and driving snow stung my face as I trudged to my truck. It had snowed at least another foot since I’d arrived, and with the wind it was beginning to drift. I started the the truck and let it warm up while I cleared the snow off the windshield, the wind was bitterly cold and, despite wearing ski gloves, my hands were numb before I was through. As I started to pull out, I noticed Ashley, one of the other volunteers, the snow was piled higher than the hood of her car and it was clearly going nowhere. I had seen Ashley at the shelter a few times before. She was a college student home for the holidays. I had only spoken to her a few times, but she seemed like a lovely young girl with a serious, but cheerful demeanor. I stopped and got out. “I don’t think you’re going anywhere in that,” I said, squinting at the snow being blown into my face. “Come on, I’ll give you a lift home.” “Thanks! Come on Phil!” she hollered, waving her arm. I looked over in surprise as Phil ran around the car, I hadn’t seen her there. The two girls hurried to the passenger door as I climbed back in the truck. Phil climbed in first, sitting next to me. I had never seen her before tonight and assumed she was probably a friend of Ashely’s from college. We pulled out of the parking lot and Ashley directed me toward her parent’s house. The roads were bad, even the ones that had been plowed had six to eight inches of snow on them. Ashley’s house wasn’t far, but it was slow going on the slick roads. “Thanks so much, Randy. I don’t know what we’d have done if you hadn’t been there to save us,” Ashley said as I turned on Main Street, “My car would never have made it through this.” “Not a problem,” I answered, “Just glad I saw you there before I left.” “Yeah, we’d have been stuck there till the spring thaw,” Phil said, slapping her hand on my thigh, “I’d have had to eat Ashley to survive,” she laughed. “What makes you think you’re the one who’d be doing the eating? Maybe I’d have had to eat you,” Ashley protested. Phil shook her head, “Nah, I’m the survivor, you’re definitely the one who gets eaten.” “As if! Which one of us do you think would survive, Randy?” Ashley asked, trying to drag me into their lighthearted dispute. “Whichever one is smart enough to go back inside, where there’s food, shelter, heat, and beds,” I shrugged, feeling a little uncomfortable, having Phil’s hand on my thigh. I didn’t think she was coming on to me, but it seemed like an unusually intimate thing for a young woman to do with an old fart she had just met. “There you go. I’d survive cause I’m the smart one,” Ashley stated, triumphantly. “Not if I kill you before you reach the door,” Phil retorted. The girls fell to laughing and jostling each other. Phil’s hand slid up and down my thigh as they tussled. I had not felt a woman’s touch since Kate’s passing and held my breath as I was reminded of the sensation. We arrived at Ashley’s house safely and she invited me in to warm up with a cup of coffee, but I declined as it was going to be a long drive home with the poor road conditions. Ashley thanked me for the ride and wished me a merry Christmas, and Phil did the same, kissing me on the cheek before sliding out of the truck. I was too surprised by the kiss to say anything, but waved as the door slammed shut. I waited until the girls were safely inside before I put the truck in gear and backed out of the driveway. The snow and wind had really picked up and I could barely see past the hood as the truck plowed through the deep drifts. I hadn’t seen a storm like this since the blizzard when I was a teenager. About halfway home, I hit a particularly deep drift that sent the truck sliding sideways. A second drift spun the truck back the opposite direction and off the road into the trees. The truck bounced down the embankment, tossing me about the cab and bashing my head into the side window. The truck came to a violent halt as a large branch crashed through the passenger window missing me by a fraction of an inch. I was a bit woozy from the blow to the head, but otherwise uninjured. I pulled the latch on the door, but couldn’t force it
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open. The branch that had shattered the window prevented opening the passenger door and another branch of the same tree was also blocking the sliding rear window. I was trapped, and the bitter cold rushed in through the broken window. My only hope was that a plow driver would spot my tracks leaving the road and come find me. I reached behind the seat, found the blanket I kept there, and pulled it up over my aching head. Even with the blanket over me, it wasn’t long before my arms and legs were numb from the cold. I tried to raise my body temperature by moving around as much as I could in the cramped cab, but it was nearly impossible and my hands and feet soon began to ache. I was shivering uncontrollably and beginning to feel sleepy. I knew these were bad signs and I had to do something, if I fell asleep, I was dead. I pulled the door handle and threw myself against the door with all of the strength I could muster, again and again, but it was no use, the door never even budged. I searched the cab for something to break the window, but could find nothing. I collapsed against the seat in frustration. My frantic attempt to force the door had sapped my energy and I began to drift off. I began to either dream or hallucinate, I don’t know which, as reindeer pulling a sleigh suddenly appeared beside the truck and Santa knocked on the window. I chuckled at the absurdity my mind had produced and drifted off again. The dream continued, I was lying in the back of Santa’s sleigh, covered in thick fur blankets and Mrs. Claus was kneeling over me. I looked up into her kind face and bolted upright as I recognized her. It was my Kate! Her hair was white and pulled up in a bun and she wore wire rimmed glasses, but it was definitely my Kate. “Kate, my sweet Kate. You came for me,” I said, reaching for her. “Yes my dear, I am here and you are going to be fine,” she smiled her sweet kind smile and caressed my cheek. Warmth spread through me at her touch and I drifted off again. I woke in unfamiliar surroundings, wrapped in blankets on the floor before a roaring fire. It took a moment to realize I was not alone. There were two warm bodies pressed against either side of me and beyond that, I was naked, and so were they! “Phil, he’s awake,” Ashley’s soft voice came from my right, “Didn’t think you were ever going to wake up,” she smiled and hugged me. I stared into her beautiful blue eyes in shock, unable to speak. A thousand thoughts raced through my head: How did I get here? Why am I naked? Why are they naked? Is this some wild hallucination brought about by the head injury? “What...How did I get here?” I stammered. “Santa brought you,” Phil answered, sliding her soft hand across my chest, “You’re our Christmas present for being such good girls this year,” she giggled and kissed my cheek. “No really, how did I get here?” I looked Ashley in the eye. She nodded, “Santa really did bring you here, and Mrs. Claus asked us to take care of you.” I concluded this was the continuation of my crazy hallucination and I was still trapped in the truck slowly freezing to death. If this was freezing to death, I thought, then it isn’t such a bad way to go. Deciding I might as well take full advantage of this figment of my imagination, I reached up to cup Ashley’s small firm breast in my hand. It certainly felt real. Ashley smiled as I stroked her stiff nipple with my thumb, “Mrs. Claus also said you could use a little jingle balling when you felt up to it.” “Oh, he feels up to it all right,” Phil laughed, as her fingers encircled my stiffening manhood. “This can’t be real,” I whispered, more to myself than anyone. Ashley cupped my cheek with her warm palm, “Oh this is very real. Santa and Mrs. Claus brought you here and told us to take very good care of you, and that is what we are going to do,” she insisted. I still found it hard to believe any of this was real, though it certainly did feel real. Ashley leaned down to kiss me as Phil’s nimble fingers slid over my stiff pole and I continued to fondle her firm young breast. Ashley’s hot tongue pushed past my lips and caressed my own. I’d never encountered a woman as forward as these two young beauties, but I was happy to lie back and let them have their way. With the sensations they were causing I no longer cared if it was real and simply reveled in their ministrations. Ashley broke our kiss and turned, pulling the blanket back to expose my hard shaft, sliding through Phil’s soft fingers. Phil released her grip and rose up for a kiss before turning as well. In unison, the girls dipped their heads and kissed my swollen purple head. It had been so long since I’d felt a woman’s touch, I feared the mere brushing of their warm lips on my long neglected member may cause an embarrassing premature eruption. Ashley and Phil kissed and licked their way down my rigid pole, sending delightful shivers up my spine. I tried to concentrate on slowing the progression of my excitement and stared up at their firm round asses and the pink little treasures between their toned thighs. It had been ten years, but as I recalled women used to have more hair in that area. Though, I have to admit, I found the new look intriguing. I placed a hand on the inside of each of their supple thighs and slid them up to each of their hairless slits. I gasped as one hot mouth moved down to my scrotum, and the other enveloped my hard cock. I groaned at the soft wet caress on my rigid dick and slipped a finger between each pair of moist pink lips. I stroked my fingers in their slick openings and marveled at the contrast of Ashley’s thin pink lips and the thicker rose colored lips belonging to Phil. They were both warm, wet, and tight as I pushed a second finger into each. Electric jolts raced through me as their hot mouths worked me over. “Oh, wait!” I shouted, as I nearly burst in Ashley’s mouth. The girls looked back over their shoulders, smiling at me as my fingers continued to stroke their wet pussies. “Sorry, I was about to...uh...” I started to explain. “Cum?” Phil completed the statement for me. I nodded and she turned around, smiling as she pressed her lips to mine. I pinched her swollen nipple, smearing it with her own juices as I returned her passionate kiss. “I want to taste you,” I breathed, tearing my lips from hers. Phil spun around, placing a knee on either side of my head and Ashley threw her leg over to straddle my hips. She gripped my hard shaft and guided it to her entrance as I lifted my head to run my tongue between Phil’s thick moist lips. Ashley was so tight as her silky warm purse slid down my engorged member, I groaned into Phil’s sweet dripping pussy. Ashley moaned and ground her hips against mine as her tight lips sealed around the base of my rod and I drove my tongue as far up into Phil’s wetness as I could. We were all moaning and groaning as Ashley rose and fell on my hard shaft and Phil ground her gushing sex against my mouth and tongue. I greedily drank her juices as my orgasm again began to build. My breath was coming in ragged gasps and my body tingled with electric shivers. I knew I wouldn’t last long, and sucked Phil’s stiff clit and stroked it with my tongue. I heard a muffled squeal and felt her hips jerk as juices coated my face. I held Phil’s jerking hips as my stomach tightened and my cock swelled. Ashley was moaning as she bounced faster on my cock and my semen boiled over, jetting into her in intense bursts. My legs stiffened as I arched my back and hot jet after jet pumped through my twitching rod. Ashley ground against me and her hips began to buck as I filled her tight channel with hot cum. My mind was spinning and I may have briefly passed out as she rode out the waves of orgasm on my pulsing cock. With one last jerk and a sigh, Ashley collapsed and Phil slid to the floor beside me. After catching my breath, I kissed them both and pulled the blanket over our naked exhausted bodies. As I began to drift off, with the girl’s warm bodies snuggled against me, I thought I heard bells outside and briefly glimpsed Kate’s smiling face through the frosty window.

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