The Romanian singer is fucked in the ass by the Fitness Instructor Xnxx

The Romanian singer is fucked in the ass by the Fitness Instructor Xnxx

LukeI had been downstairs at least twenty minutes before Tina appeared in the doorway. In the meantime, I had found out that Cara, Andy and Rob had come prepared, knowing that many places require, at least, smart dress on New Year’s Eve. Rob had run Diane home, so she could get changed, with Cara and Andy taking over my room.So much for an hour, it had taken over two from Sam waking us, until I made it down, now at nearly quarter to eight, Tina was the only one not ready. Sam took full advantage and planted her bum on my lap and we had a long chat about earlier, making sure we were both okay.“Luke, Luke,” Sam said, clicking her fingers in front of my face.Sam looked where I was looking, “Shit! She just gets more and more beautiful.”“Uhuh.”Tina had walked into the room and it was like a ripple of silence, as people noticed her. Her hair was tied back in a plait and she had loads of make-up on for her, meaning a pale pink lipstick and eyeliner. The others had gone for a variety of little black dresses, even Cara who I would have expected in a summer dress.Tina’s dress was an off-white number, which looked to be silk or satin. The top had a V-neck, no sleeves and clung to her body so tightly, it was obvious she had no bra on, this was confirmed when I saw the back and there was another V, only this one plunged to halfway down her back. The skirt part hugged around her hips and bum, at the top of her legs, it was pleated and flared, stopping a couple of inches below her knee. On her feet, she had flat-soled, Roman style sandals, with white leather ties that wrapped around her calves and disappeared under her dress.“Up,” I said to Sam, who didn’t hesitate.I walked over and took Tina by her hands, “Do me the honour of being my partner for the rest of the year and letting me have the last dance?”I leant forward and kissed her cheek, whispering, “My beautiful princess.”“Sorry, guys, stealing him again,” as she dragged me out into the hall.“That’s the second time you’ve called me that, it’s beautiful, thank you.” She hugged me tightly.Taking both my hands and looking solemnly at me, “Sweetie, you know yourself best, will you be okay with this tonight?”“Who can say? Will you be? Will Rob or Sam? How do you deal with awkward situations? Timid Tina?”She sniggered, “Guilty. But, hold on…”“Don’t worry, I won’t get naked. Too soon. I have coping strategies, go for a walk and break away from the situation. Find someone to lean on and after today, I think I found three more people, possibly five.”“I’ll be a limpet tonight.”"Suits me," I said, leaning in for a kiss.Just then, there was a knock on the door, so we went to answer it and it was Mr and Mrs C. After the greetings, Mrs C got Tina to stand back and do a twirl.“Oh, that dress is lush, I loves it!” said her mum.“You look beautiful, petal,” said her dad.“You’re not so bad either, Luke. Those other boys here too, is it?”I took them through to the living room, where people were now gathering and did the introductions. Our fathers soon fell into conversation and once she had shown proper attention to our friends, Mrs C was talking up a storm with my mum.Sam walked up to Tina and me, after this, “You kept that one quiet.”It was Tina’s turn to look confused, “No one mentioned your mum was Welsh. Has Luke told you about his thing for that accent?”“Oh, you mean like my mummy’s?” She slipped into her Welsh accent, “He has mentioned it, I thought it was ridiculous until I saw the effect, yn gwneud ei ergyd pidyn, if you know what I mean, like.”Sam burst out laughing and hugged Tina, “Every day, I love you more and more.”“You know Welsh properly?” I asked“Ie cariad, gwnaeth mam fi'n dysgu,” and when I didn’t respond, “Yes, darling, mummy made me learn”“Cariad? Darling?”“Ie.”“Yes?” Tina nodded.“So, what did you say to Sam, cariad?”She giggled and then blushed, before pulling me down and whispering, “I said it makes your penis throb.”My bark of laughter stopped the conversation in the room, for a second. The pair of us ran into the kitchen, like two young kids, who had been caught with our hands in the biscuit barrel.“And don’t look at me like that. Did you never look up as many rude words, as you could, in your French-English dictionary?”As I was leaning down to kiss her, I reached down and ran my hand over her bum, as I felt her bum, I got curious and started to try to gather the bottom of her dress, she held my wrist.“Just be careful, you don’t want everyone seeing what’s yours, do you?”“Oh, Miss Croft, my perfect Chinese dumpling,” we were laughing as we went back into the living room.More people arrived and Tina received many compliments on how she looked and from the people that knew me well enough, I was questioned how I had managed it and those less so, suggested I was the luckiest in the house. I didn’t correct them, but told Tina they were wrong, I was the luckiest on the planet. I did blow all my hard work when I asked her how many brownie points I had built up. TinaAt first, I was amazed at how Luke bounced back. The telling this morning had wiped him out, after the sleep he was back. Today changed our relationship, it had to, it changed the relationships with everyone in the room. I couldn’t talk about others, but it wasn’t necessarily that I felt closer to Luke; it was more that the previous bonds were stronger. He had opened up his darkest closet and shown me what was inside, now the door was closed it felt like he had replaced the lock with a bigger one. It was my Luke that had woken up, but he was a little different, his eyes weren’t as sad as before, he held his chin a fraction higher.My relationship with Sam was the one that had changed dramatically. Before, according to Luke, she had treated me unlike any of his other girlfriends. Now she did really feel like she had adopted me as her sister. Mrs Evans now looked at me as not just another girlfriend, but also the first girl Luke chose to tell. Maybe this is how Arthur felt when he pulled the sword from the stone, it may have been destiny, now I’ve got to live up to the image people have created, not for me, but for that person he first told.I wondered how Luke would be tonight, but when I thought about it, he had done this every day, for over five years. He carried his beast with him into every situation sometimes with his family, but mostly, since I had known him, on his own and he held it at bay. Yes, he had picked at the scab today, but all the same, how did he put it, he had strategies? They would be the same, only now he had more people he could turn to and more easily because they knew some of his story.“What would happen if I took my arm away?” Luke asked.“Huh?” I looked up at him, then down and saw we were in the kitchen with, plates in our hands.“You were miles away, holding on tight to my arm and just resting your head on it. Do you want something to eat?”“Come here, you,” as he leant down, I went on tiptoes and kissed him.I noticed for the first hour or so, it was almost as if we were being shadowed. If it were just the two of us, we would soon be joined by someone who had been in the kitchen this morning. If we were talking to someone, one of them would be hovering nearby, probably in conversation, but obvious to me, they were also keeping an eye on Luke. Me, other than when we were eating, I just hung onto his arm to start, I didn’t care that people might think I was too clingy, selfishly, I knew this was for me. LukeI had to expect it, I suppose. You don’t tell people something like that and expect them not to react. I thought it was amusing, they thought they were being subtle, yet I saw exactly what was happening. The nice thing was, it didn’t feel coordinated, just each of them wanting to make sure I was okay. They missed two major points, firstly that, I had dealt with this for years now and secondly, that I had Tina with me.All the furniture had been moved from the middle of the living room to create a dance floor. When the music started, mum turned the lights down. It was funny how Tina and I were talking to someone in the middle of the room and were suddenly left alone, as soon as the song started. Now, that was coordinated.I chuckled and looked at Tina, “You dancing?”“You asking?” she replied.“Nah,” I said and turned to walk away. Tina nearly pulled my arm out of my socket stopping me.I turned and scooped her up and swung her around. There was a look of panic on her face, as her hands went behind to hold her dress down. I just brought her in tight to me and we swayed together and gradually others joined us. After that, Mrs C and dad came over and cut in, this felt remarkably like a dress rehearsal. Over the next hour or so mums and dads, friends and sisters had danced with us both, without a break. They checked that we were okay, individually and as a couple, I found out after, that they had done similar with Tina. This seemed to have satisfied them, as they didn’t hover, quite so much, after this.I went and sat at the edge, taking a break, when Tina came and plonked herself on my knee, throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me. Diane joined us a couple of minutes later, kissing my cheek and we started talking, though she had nowhere to sit. Tina noticed me getting fidgety, torn between making her stand up and offering Diane my seat. She shuffled back on my knee and patte
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d my other leg for her to sit.“You sure?”“It’s not my decision, apparently,” I grinned and she sat down. Tina looked at me and mouthed ‘mine’.To maintain her balance, Tina kept both her arms around my neck and I had a hand on her knee and at the bottom of her back. As we were talking, I started to absent-mindedly stroke her back, pulling my fingers down the bare bit of flesh, making her sit upright and arch forward.“Stop it,” she whispered to me.This made me pay attention to what I was doing, as I had been talking with Diane about her holiday and the discussion had moved onto joking about needing a solicitor when Tina was questioning me. Some old friends of my parents grabbed a chair and sat down next to us and when Diane got up, turned to talk to us about university and how we met and everything else that everyone wanted to ask us. To accommodate them, I had to put my knees closer together, trapping Tina’s legs.While chatting I explored lower and discovered with her bum so far back it was off my legs fully and her dress was not caught between her and me, so hung down freely. There wasn’t a question in my mind, I slipped my hand under and stroked my fingers along one of her cheeks. To Tina’s credit, I felt her tense up and squeeze my neck, but she didn’t miss a beat in what she was saying.When I stroked her other cheek, she glanced at me and that half-second spoke volumes, her eyes had lost a little focus, her lids closed a little, she licked her lips as her breath had caught. All the movements were so quick and little, that you would have to know her and be watching closely, to notice.I made the pretence of kissing her ear and whispered, “Want me to stop?”The people we were talking to finished and as they got up, shook hands with us both. As they shook Tina’s, I prodded a finger at the edge of her pussy and could see her bite her lip.As she turned to me, I said, “What’s up, beautiful?”She slapped my chest and grinning said, “You’re a bastard, that’s what’s up!”I pulled her in for a kiss and started to stroke the edge of her lips, I could feel her moan into my mouth. She had both arms around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder.“You tired?”“Uhuh.”“Want to go to bed?”“Mmmm.”“Sure you don’t want me to sit here with you on my lap, in a room full of people, rubbing your pussy?”Tina opened an eye and looked up at me, smiling she closed it again, “Mmm.”“Who would be worst to talk to us? My mum and dad, yours, our mums together or our dads, how about Sam?” Each time I suggested someone she squirmed a little.“What about one of the guys from the house?”“Mmm.”“Diane?”“Mmm, show her what she missed.”That was veiled; I made a note to dig into that one another time. I slid my finger between her folds and into her properly, this made her bite into my neck.“Luke, honey, is my baby-girl alright?” Diane pulled at my knee and perched on it.“Yeah, I think all the excitement today is getting to her,” which caused Tina to bite harder. I don’t know if she was telling me off or trying to stifle her reaction.I slid a second finger into her and she sat a little straighter, her breathing getting faster, little mewing sounds coming from her. I knew the music would cover the noise, for most, I also thought Diane might be too close.“Is she asleep?”I shook my head while saying, “I think so.”“Think she’s dreaming of you? You might have to take her,” Diane paused and we both saw Tina’s reaction, twisting just a little. “I was going to say take her upstairs, looking at her, she might enjoy you taking her here.”Tina’s eyes flashed open, she looked ready to tear Diane a new one, but under her breath just said, “Oh, crap!”I gripped her tight and she reciprocated, as she shuddered. I slowly withdrew my fingers, before pushing them flat against her pussy, pressing down on her clit, starting her again.“You bastard!” she breathed.When she settled a little and still with her eyes closed, Diane leant over and kissed her on her forehead, then turned to me and kissed my cheek, “That was beautiful, one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen.”“Miss Croft, you’re a naughty girl.”“Mmm,” she replied. Something else to talk about.After a few minutes, Tina opened her eyes and giggled; she sat up and kissed me, “You do bad things to me Mr Evans, thank you. Now.”“Now?”“Reward time, find somewhere now!”I stood up and took her hand, pushing through the kitchen, out of the back door and down to the end of the garden where my parents had a sun deck. I sat on one of the loungers and Tina immediately sat astride me.“What you doing?” I asked as she fumbled with my fly.“Shut up!”“I’m not allowed to say anything?”“No!”My dick finally popped free. Just as I saw the back door open and two people walk out. Given that one ducked, it had to be Andy and I assume Cara.Tina had told me not to speak so I didn’t. She was sliding back and forth on me, her eyes, from what I could see, had lost focus. I looked over her shoulder and the couple were about halfway up the garden, walking toward us. I still said nothing.Tina lifted a little and guided me into her, she did like after the woods and although still slow, she lowered herself in one movement. Letting out a sigh as she stopped.“I’ll be your naughty girl, Mr Evans,” she moaned into my ear.“Hi you two, need some fresh air?” Now that is a way to lose your dick.“Yeah, it’s a nice night. You both doing okay?”Tina clenched hard down on me; I had to swallow not to cry out. Cara noticed what was happening and giggled. Andy looked at her and then me and finally Tina, whose head was now buried in my shoulder.“I think we’re doing fine, thanks mate.” I gave the smallest of movements and Tina gasped.She tried to cover it up by sitting up and twisting a little toward them. This had a worse effect, as she slumped a little and her head fell back.“Err, we don’t want to interrupt,” said Andy, Cara had other ideas and grabbed a couple of chairs and sat in one.They were sat side on, “Your parents have a beautiful garden, Luke. They must have loved making it.” She couldn’t help herself and sniggered.“They were planning on slipping in,” I moved a little, “some CCTV so they could observe if anyone was up to no good.”“Oh shit,” Tina mumbled.“Sorry, mate, I’ve got to talk to Cara about something.” Andy stood up and grabbing her hand dragged, her back toward the house.“The shed to your left can be locked from the inside,” I called. Andy turned left.Tina tensed and squirmed, “Not sure if I love you, or hate you, at the moment.”Pulling up the back of her dress, I slipped my finger between her cheeks and moved it toward her starfish.“Imagine being seen like this,” Tina tensed, “Or even if I pushed my finger into you.” That pushed her over the edge, while she came, she grabbed my head and forced her tongue into my mouth, much further and I may have choked. It was then I came, thankful that the lights were down indoors.”“Oh, Luke, if daddy knew what you’d done to his little girl.”“Unlocked her? Or are we talking this, here, now?”“Yes, either.”“Imagine if he and your mum had walked out instead, of Andy and Cara.”“Not funny!”“No, not like that, just seeing his little girl like this, he would shit. What was that with Andy and Cara? I thought you wouldn’t show off in front of them.”“It was a bit different, first it’s dark and we were started already, so I doubt they saw anything incriminating. The problem was when I tried to make it look like nothing was going on, it told them exactly what was happening.“Okay Luke, somehow I need to get to the loo.”I pulled out my hanky and as she got off, gave myself a quick wipe then handed it to Tina, who did similar. We then set off down the path, into the house and through to the hall, so she could use the toilet.I hadn’t noticed the time and while she was in there, they started the countdown to the New Year. I got up and made my way toward the hall and was only part way there when the chimes started. Various women tried to kiss me, but I shrugged them off, then Cara caught me and tried.“In a minute, Tina’s my first of the year.” It turned out to be a good tactic, I met her in the doorway and we kissed long and deep.“Happy New Year, my princess. Can I have the last dance of the year?”It took her a second and then she jumped up at me and kissed me again, then composed herself, “Maybe, we’ll see.”When we stopped laughing, I looked around and came eye to eye with Sam, arms crossed, foot tapping. Although Cara and Diane were standing next to me, I crooked my finger at Sam and she ran over and jumped into my arms, giving me a huge hug and a final peck on her cheek.“I think this will be a Happy New Year, indeed.”“Same here bruv, same here.”Sam went to Tina next and after, we were swamped with hugs and kisses from everyone. We had not been able to move from the doorway, so I was closest when we heard the knocking. I turned to answer it and as she had promised, Tina stuck with me like a limpet.  We were side by side as I swung the door open, so happy, nothing could spoil the night.Thanks to cbears52 for proofreadingThank you to the moderators helping me getting this published And thank you to everyone that reads, comments and/or votes.All feedback is welcome, either in the comments or via a direct message.   

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