The young woman was raped and fucked by her father in the woods

The young woman was raped and fucked by her father in the woods

I’ll admit, at my part time job during high school I wasn’t the best employee. What can I say. It didn’t pay a lot, the customers were often mean and it wasn’t my dream job to say the least. I didn’t always show up right on time. I called in sick when I wasn’t actually sick. When I was there, I did the least amount of work possible.For some reason my bosses liked me, especially Blake. He was older, I think 23ish. Being an assistant manager at mall store wasn’t his dream job either. When I was running late, or call in sick, I was always glad when he answered. He never asked any questions and always gave me the okay.Maybe there were other reasons I was glad when he answered. We flirted. Mostly innocent, sometimes maybe more when no one else was around. Even though our work uniforms weren’t exactly flattering, I caught him checking me out on more than one occasion.However, beyond looks and talk, there wasn’t much going on between us. There was the age difference. There was the fact that he was the boss, I was a lowly employee and the company had a strict corporate policy against employees dating management.That changed one night when both of us were working the late shift. Normally at least three people are required to work at all times. However, this night the store was empty. Because of a rain storm, we had maybe a dozen shoppers that night. When Tim, the other guy working that night asked to leave, Blake said yes.Other than that it was a normal night. While Blake closed down the registers, I cleaned up the store. I was in the stockroom, looking for shirts to replenish the sales floor when I ran into Blake. He was walking towards the office.“We should get out of here early,” he said.” Five more minutes then I’ll be done.”“Awesome.” I said, intending to go back to the shirts I was sorting through.But neither of us went back to what we were supposed to be doing. We got caught in a look. Not the first time, but the first time we were all alone.I put down the shirts I was holding. He stepped forward. I didn’t step back. Our eyes locked, then our lips met. A soft kiss at first, that quickly turned more intense. His arms wrapped around me, pulling me against his toned body.I wanted more than a kiss, but just a minute or two after it started, he released me and stepped back. He looked at me like he had crossed a line.“I won’t tell anyone.”His look changed to a grin. “I didn’t think that you would. It’s just that I’m older than you.”“I’m legal in this state.” I felt so naughty saying it. The old me would’ve never been so forward. Then again, the old me would’ve never gotten what she wanted. “I want you. You want me. I don’t see any problems.”He looked me up and down, looking at me like he was ready to tear off my uniform. He shook his head with a smile. “I don’t have my own place.”“Are there any cameras here?”“I had no idea you were like this.”Neither did I.“Let’s close down the store first.” He said. “Then we’ll pick up where we left off.”I’ve never seen him or any of the managers close the store so quickly. We made it to his car in the parking lot before we started kissing again. This time with more lust, our bodies rubbing together, his erection noticeable against me.He broke off from the kiss. “We need to go some place more private. Any ideas?”“Not exactly.” With my ex-boyfriend, I’d had sex in the parking garage once. But that was when the mall was open and there were a lot of cars to hide what we were doing. However with Blake, there were only a few cars left and a mall security car that we could see coming to our side of the mall.“Get in my car, we’ll find some place.”He drove and I couldn’t keep my hands off of him. Before we had even left the mall parking lot, I had my fingers, exploring the outline of his hard shaft through his pants.I didn’t care where we went. We drove by a strip mall with a busy bar and a parking lot we could easily hide in. I spotted an office park that looked empty. Both times, he said he wanted some place more private.I couldn’t wait. I unzipped his pants and slid my hand in. I found his hard cock and stroked it. It felt long and thick. I couldn’t wait to have him inside of me.That might’ve made him less picky. He pulled into an apartment complex parking lot. He found an empty spot away from the buildings and we wasted no time. He was all over me as we kissed. His hands found my breasts and his touch turned me on even more.Things happened fast and within a few moments, my shirt was off and my breasts had been pulled out of my bra. I loved the attent
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ion. I took his cock out of his pants and started stroking it harder. I needed him soon.I leaned over and was eager to show him what I could do with my mouth. I pushed back my hair, then started kissing his swollen cock. I couldn’t believe I was about to give him a blowjob. I’m sure hundreds of girls have fooled around with their bosses, but it was something new for me.I ran my tongue around the tip of his head, then lowered my mouth on to him. I held him with one hand while my lips slowly ran up and down his shaft.One of his hands was on the back of my head. The other hand was working on my belt. I helped him with my free hand. I wanted him to touch me so bad.He undid my belt, then the button on my pants and his hand was in my cotton panties. I wondered if he noticed the wetness of them or if he rushed right past that. Either way, his finger tips found my lips and a moan came out of my mouth.Then he stopped me wit the hand on the back of my head. At that time, I wasn’t a fan of having hands on me while I was giving oral so I tried to push him off.“Don’t move. I think I see someone.”I froze. How would I explain getting arrested for this to my parents? Luckily, I didn’t have to.“I think she’s gone and I don’t think she saw us, but maybe we should go someplace more private.”“That’s a good idea.” I couldn’t stand this stop and go. I had to have him. I didn’t want to wait much longer.I quickly put my clothes back in order and he did the same, before driving quickly out of that parking lot.He drove around again with no where in mind to go. I started thinking that a hotel would work. I didn’t have much in my bank account, but I had a feeling being alone with him would be worth every penny.Then we both saw it at the same time. A dirt road leading to a community of homes, all under construction. He pulled into the road and drove as far away from the main street that he could.We were surrounded by houses in the process of being built. Beyond that there was houses that had people living in them, but it looked like we had some place to ourselves finally.“How do you want to do it?” I was straight to the point. I didn’t want to waste anymore time. “Do you just want to push your seat back and I’ll climb on top of you?”“That sounds good.” He said as he moved his seat back.I took a condom out of my bag and handed it to him. While he put it on, I kicked off my shoes, squirmed out of my pants and pulled off my panties.He waited for me with the condom, rock hard and pointed straight up. I climbed on top of him and felt the latex between my legs. I had another moment where it didn’t seem real. Not only was I about to fuck my hot boss, but I was the one being the aggressor.I lowered myself on to him, feeling him fill me inch by thick inch. It definitely wasn’t my first time having sex in a car, but most of the time I was on the bottom, on the receiving end in the backseat. This felt so different, about my pleasure as much as his.Our eyes locked. His hands moved into my shirt and on to my breasts again. I moved myself on his hard cock, feeling it deep in me. This was exactly what I had been craving.At first, it was just sensual movements as we made out. His hands explored me. My hands held him tight. However, after a few minutes I started going faster. I could’ve spent all night out there with him, but I started to worry that someone in one of the near by houses had seen us. Plus, I felt the erotic energy building within me. The only way to release it was to move faster.Soon, I was bouncing up and down him. My whole body shaking each time I came down on him. I started to moan. The windows started to become foggy. The angle felt so good for me.Apparently, he liked it too. It might’ve been five or maybe ten minutes, when all of a sudden his grip on me became harder, almost too rough. He started thrusting up as much as I pushed down. It was wild and intense.Then he came. He wrapped his hands around my waist and held me tight as came hard into the condom, filling it with his cum.I didn’t orgasm, yet I was completely satisfied as he held me.“Why did we wait so long to do that?” He asked after wiping the sweat off his forehead.“I don’t know, but now we have to make up for lost time.”It was the start of our sex filled fling. That night Blake made me realize that if I wanted a guy, I didn’t have to wait for him to come get me. He made me feel like no guy would turn me down. That included older men and men that were technically off-limits. I think he’s also part of the reason that I now love sex in public where there’s a risk of getting caught. 

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