This is a blonde's most beautiful pussy

This is a blonde's most beautiful pussy

I was born and raised in Minnesota and was lucky enough to find a job near my hometown after college. I progressed quickly in my career as a mechanical engineer with my company. My wife, Sue, and I and our two kids enjoyed a great lifestyle there. We were active in our church and had many friends that we had known since we were in elementary school. That meant we were very conservative in our dealings with friends in our community. We also had a conservative sex life and had only had sex with each other. However, our idyllic life was ultimately interrupted.At the time I was forty-seven years old and Sue was forty-five, I had been promoted to director of manufacturing. And as luck would have it, I was transferred to Knoxville, Tennessee to manage manufacturing for the new division that we had just acquired. Our kids were out of college and on their own, so it was just Sue and me who moved to Knoxville.It was tough getting used to life in our new surroundings, without our support base of old friends and family to help us through it. Sue kept busy by working with some charities and she joined various women’s groups. But, I was so busy at work that I didn’t have time for many extracurricular activities. About the only thing I did outside of work was to exercise as much as possible, to help relieve the stress of my job.We live in a beautiful suburban location that has many jogging and biking trails. I run or fast-walk on the trails either in the morning before work or the evening after work, and then take longer runs on the weekends. One part of the trail that I like the most goes through a rather hilly and forested area. In one spot there is a clearing about a mile from my home which is the location for an electrical substation that supplies power to the area.I often see workmen with their large utility trucks parked at the substation. I usually smile, wave and say hello to those men as I run by. After awhile I got to know quite a few of the guys, at least by sight, although I had never actually talked to any of them. Most of the guys are kind of burly and rough looking, but they seemed to be friendly and they waved back at me as I passed by.One day in late summer I had gotten off work a little early and was out for a run. I had gone about three miles from my home and was headed back when I saw an ominous thunder storm approaching. The lightning was intense, and it felt like the temperature dropped about twenty degrees as the storm moved overhead. Then the heavy rain and hail began to fall as I was approaching the substation. I was becoming concerned for my safety and hoped that a work crew was still there, so I could seek refuge from the storm in one of their trucks.Fortunately, I saw one of the men that I was familiar with climbing into the back seat of his truck. Those are big utility trucks that have club cabs so they can sometimes carry a large crew out to the job sites. I ran up and stood on the high step and knocked on the fogged-up window.I then hollered to him above the sound of the storm, “Hey, would it be okay if I joined you in your truck? This storm is getting worse and I’m worried about being struck by lightning.”A ruggedly handsome man with a crew cut and what looked to be a five-day growth of beard wipe the window with his hand and look out at me. He nodded to me and I stepped back as he opened the door and said with his thick Tennessee accent, “Sure, buddy, just jump on up here. Maybe you can do a favor for me too.”I didn’t know what he meant by doing him a favor, but I didn’t really care at that moment. I was just happy to get out of the storm. He moved over as I slid into the seat next to him and I said, “Thanks a lot, man. This storm is really getting dangerous now. And by the way, my name is Ed.”He looked to be about my age and a little over six feet tall and weighing maybe two hundred pounds or so, with thick, broad shoulders and a little beer belly pushing out over his belt. He was wearing a long-sleeved denim shirt and blue jeans, and he had high-top work boots on.He reached out his huge, work-roughened hand and said, “Hi, pleased to meet you, Ed. My name is Max, and I’m glad that I can help you. The rest of my crew has already gone home for the day. I have plenty of room for you.”I looked around the truck cab and was a little surprised at how much room there is in both the front and back seats. The front seat has a console in between the two bucket-type seats, but the in the back it's just a continuous, wide bench seat with a lot of leg room. The ceiling is also high to allow for the men to fit inside wearing their hard hats. I continued to look around to get familiar with my surroundings while Max was busy hooking up a small laptop computer that he placed on the console with the screen facing the back seat.Max smiled and said, “The company gives us this computer, so we can study the engineering drawings of the electrical circuits we’re working on. But sometimes on bad weather days like this, I use it for my own entertainment. I have to stay here on duty until the storm passes, so I thought I’d look at some DVDs while we’re waiting. Do you ever watch any porn? I’ve got some really hot DVDs here. They excite me a lot.”Then I was starting to get uncomfortable. You can probably surmise from my background as described earlier, that I had never been exposed to porn of any kind. That’s not to say that I’m necessarily a prude, but it's just not a part of the culture that I grew up in. I of course knew about porn and was aware of some guys from work who went to strip clubs, but I had never seen it myself. My wife keeps us on the straight and narrow. She would never allow it.I really didn’t want to be tempted by watching that stuff, but Max has a very commanding presence and I sure didn’t want to offend him and get pushed back out into the worsening storm. I thought for a moment and said, “No, Max, I’ve never seen any porn. But feel free to watch it if you want.”He laughed and said, “I wasn’t exactly asking your permission, Ed. Hell, you’ll probably enjoy this as much as I do once you see a little of it. Maybe you can even do a little favor for me.”There, he said it again. I wasn’t enlightened enough at that point to know what he meant by doing him a favor. So, I thought it was best to ignore it and say nothing.Max was sitting just to the right of the middle of the seat and I moved a little to the left. I glanced over when he started the first movie with a title something like ‘Fucking the Neighbor’s Wife’, but then looked away. At first, I was looking out of the window, and I could tell from the audio that there was a lame plot about a husband who lived next door coming over to help the neighbor’s wife with a repair while her husband was out of town. And soon enough, I heard the sounds of them moaning when they were fucking.I couldn’t help looking over at the screen and saw a man with a huge cock just pounding away in the doggy position on the woman. His big, low-hanging balls were swinging between their legs and slapping up against the woman’s thighs. I was amazed at the size of his cock, which had to be about nine inches long and very thick, as it moved into and out of that woman’s pussy.My dick is only about five inches long and thin, so that one looked huge to me. That was the first hard cock I had ever seen except for my own. I felt my own dick hardening by just listening to and watching that video, which was a first for me.With the storm overhead and the lateness of the day, it was almost dark outside. But, the glow of the PC screen provided good illumination in the back seat of the truck. I sensed some movement from Max. When I glanced over at him I saw that he had quietly unfastened his belt and unzipped his jeans. He was rubbing what looked to be a big lump of cock and well-defined, huge balls in his white underwear briefs. As I looked more closely I saw his hairy belly hanging a little bit over his briefs, which appeared to be stained, probably with piss and precum.He was actively rubbing his cock and balls over his underwear, and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t realize at first that I was openly staring at him, but then he looked at me and asked, “Well, Ed, do you like what you see? Are you about ready to do me that favor yet? These videos really get me ready for action. Come on, Ed; just rub it a little for me and then pull down my underwear and suck it. My dick is almost as big as the one in the video and I need to cum badly.”It was then painfully clear what favor he wanted me to do. I was so naïve that it had never dawned on me that guys would suck other guy’s dicks, and I just couldn’t understand why he would think that I would do that for him.I answered, “Whoa there, Max. I've never done anything like that in my life, or even thought about it for that matter. What makes you think that I would be agreeable to that?”Then he laughed and said, “The way you were staring at me rubbing my cock and balls made me think that you might have some interest. And besides, you kind of fit the profile of guys that might like to suck cock.”I could hardly believe what I was hearing and asked, “What the fuck do you mean that I fit the profile? What damn profile? Pardon me for saying so, but you must be a little confused in the head.”Max laughed again and said, “You’ve been running by here for months now, and you always seem to smile and wave at any of the workmen who are near the trail. In this part of the country that seemed a little too friendly to some of us, and the guys thought you might be hinting at something.""You look to me to be about my age in your late-forties, so you fit the age profile of mid-fortie to fifties years old. And when you run by here, I've never noticed a big cock lump swinging between your legs either. There seems to be more guys with small cocks than those with big ones. So, odds are that your dick isn't that big.”I had calmed down a little and was curious about his profile and cock size comments. I asked, “What is all that about an age profile and cock size?”Max continued saying, “I’ve read a lot of stories and articles about cuckolds and cock suckers. It seems that by the time men are in their mid-forties to fifties many of their wives have all but stopped having sex with them. Some men start looking for something to fill the sexual void. It is pretty expensive and risky to the marriage to look for other women to fuck.""So, the more dominant men with bigger cocks eventually go online and start looking to have their cocks sucked by other men. The guys with smaller cocks usually end up feeling more submissive sexually and become cock suckers. And, there seems to be a lot more cock suckers than feeders, relatively speaking. For that reason, it’s the easiest thing in the world for a big-cocked, dominant guy like me to find a cock sucker to suck my cock and balls and swallow my cum.”I was still a little stunned by all that, but a few of Max’s comments were striking home to me. Sue had backed off on our sex life over the past couple of years. I was lucky if I got some pussy once a month or so. But that's not something I had given much thought to, at least not until then. And he was certainly right about me having a smaller dick. But I just knew that I could never touch another man’s cock, much less suck him. I also realized that if I was still back in Minnesota around my old friends, I would never have been tempted in a situation like that.I was thinking about all of Max’s comments and frankly didn't know what to say. But then he filled the void by continuing, “Don’t feel bad about it, Ed. It’s just natural for some men to become submissive sexually and suck cock when the opportunity arises in the presence of a dominant man like me. That's true even if you are a normal macho guy in all other aspects of your life. That wouldn’t mean that you're gay or anything, but just bisexual, especially if you still like pussy.""Tell me the truth now. Am I right that you have a small dick? And, didn’t you get at least a little aroused watching me rubbing my cock and balls? You’ll never know your true desires if you don’t experiment a little. Just reach over here and rub my cock to see if you like it. If you try it and don’t like it, I won’t try to push you into doing more.”It was clear in my mind that I could never do anything like Max was suggesting. But still, his comments and seeing that big cock and those swinging balls in the video had caused a stirring in my groin that I couldn’t understand. It was like the little brain in my dick was starting to control my emotions. My dick was getting hard just by listening to Max rationalize how I might actually be a cock sucker, but just not know it yet.I’m still not sure why I felt compelled to answer Max’s questions, but I replied, “It’s really none of your business, but you’re right that my dick is on the small side. I also have to admit to being a little aroused by that movie. That's the first porn that I've ever seen, so I guess it’s only natural. Besides that, I’m not getting much sex at home either. But that doesn’t mean that I'm a cock sucker.”Max laughed and said, “I just knew that I was right about you fitting the profile. I might know you better than you know yourself regarding your sexual desires. I’m going to put in another video that might get you aroused even more.”Max reached into his small brief case and got another DVD that he loaded into the PC. It started up and the title was ‘Cuckold Hubby Sucks Cock’. Here is a brief synopsis of the first scene. The scene started with a man joining a supposed husband and wife in their bedroom. After a little chit chat the husband went over to the man and pulled down his pants and began to suck his cock. I saw the cock growing in the husband’s mouth until it was about the size of the cock in the first movie. Meanwhile, the wife had gotten undressed and was lying on the bed.She had very nice tits and fat pussy lips partially covered in dark hair. The man went over to the wife and the husband used his hand to push the cock into his wife’s pussy. Then after about 10 minutes of hard, sweaty fucking the man shot his cum load into her pussy and pulled out of the wife. The husband immediately went over to suck the cum out of his wife’s pussy, and then he sucked the cum and his wife’s juices off the cock.The next scene showed the husband continuing to suck the man’s cock and balls until it was hard, and he fucked the wife again. The thing that amazed me was the look of enjoyment and lust on the husband’s face as he sucked the cock and those big balls. I could tell that he especially enjoyed sucking the cum from her pussy and the man’s cock.He seemed to savor the taste before swallowing it. I was surprised that I was envision
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ing myself in the place of the husband, sucking that big cock. I then realized that my dick had been hard the whole time I was watching those scenes, and the crotch of my running shorts was wet with precum.Max then said, “I can see by the little lump and wet spot in your shorts that you really enjoyed this DVD. You might not have realized it, but you were moving your lips a little while you were watching the husband suck that cock, almost as if you were sucking him yourself. Ed, just admit that you’re ready to at least rub my cock. Give me your hand and I’ll put it in place for you.”All of Max’s talking and seeing those DVD’s was having a profound impact. I couldn't believe the change that was coming over me. The thought of feeling and even sucking a cock was becoming appealing to me. I saw that the lump in Max’s underwear was even bigger now, and I did have a desire to feel him. I slowly reached out my hand and Max put his hand on top of mine and moved it to his underwear-covered genitals.Then he said, “That’s it, Ed, you’ll like the heavy feel of my thick cock and balls, and it will soon be hard for you. It’s about eight and a half inches long and very thick, almost as big as the ones in those movies.”My hand made contact with Max’s underwear and I felt that it was wet with precum. He guided my hand at first, moving it along the length of his meat that was then lying sideways towards his thigh. He soon let go as I rubbed that big lump of cock, and I also moved my other hand lower to feel his big balls. I felt his cock reach full hardness in my hand. I gripped his cock and found that it's so thick that I could barely touch my fingers together around it, and it has to be at least six inches around.Then Max said, “I’m glad that you're enjoying my cock and balls, but let’s pause for a minute while I get more comfortable. Go ahead and remove my boots and pull down my jeans and underwear and take them off for me. Then, when you’re ready, I can turn sideways and spread my legs to give you better access.”I did as Max said and he was soon sitting next to me with his cock and balls fully exposed. As I could have surmised from seeing his hairy belly earlier, he has hairy legs and thick hair on his balls and up around his cock and groin. I also noticed that his circumcised cock is kind of gnarly looking with a thick cock head and heavy veins running all around it.His balls must have been the size of small plums, and they were hanging far down on the seat. I also smelled his musky scent and precum, mixed with the sweat from having worked all day. It's hard to explain, but his musky smell was appealing to me and got me even more turned on.I resumed rubbing his cock and was soon stroking him with one hand and rubbing his sweaty balls with the other. The thick shaft felt firm yet flexible like stiff rubber in my hand, and his hairy scrotum felt like soft leather. My hand was also getting wet from the precum flowing from his cock. The feeling, sights and smell were overwhelming to me, and I was starting to feel like a real slut.Then Max said, “Get on your knees on the floor while I swing my leg around. I want your face to be up close while you play with my cock and balls, so you can smell me. If you start feeling hungry, just lean in and get a taste. You have taken to this very well so far for a new guy, and I can see that you're enjoying servicing a dominant man and his big cock. Yes sir, you have sure proven my profile theory.”I found myself on my knees on the floor between his legs, while he had one leg on the seat and the other on the floor next to me. I continued stroking his cock and then he started to slowly move his hips up and down. The sight of his huge balls moving in his hairy scrotum and moving up and down on the seat was very arousing to me. I finally couldn't take any more and I moved in to take his scrotum and one of his balls into my mouth. It tasted a little salty, probably due to the sweat, precum and piss remnants, but it wasn't at all unpleasant. In fact, the funky taste and hair made it more desirable to me.Max started moaning as I continued to suck first one, and then the other ball in his hairy sack. I then felt his hand move behind my head as he rotated his hips farther up. He pulled me into him and I was sucking his very pronounced and swollen perineum. It was even a little funkier down there, being closer to his asshole. But the hairy skin on that bulge felt and tasted good in my mouth.Then he said, “Oh fuck yeah! Not many guys will suck my balls and even fewer will suck me down below my balls. You seem to be enjoying my taste and smell so much, that I’ll bet that one day I’ll even get you to suck my asshole. But come on up now and suck my cock.""I think you’ve proven that you like having sex with a man, so let’s complete your training and have you suck my cock. I really need to cum now after all you’ve done to me. I won’t last very long this first time, but then we can do it again if we wait a few minutes.”I know that I had come a long way in the last hour, from not knowing anything about man on man sex, to the point that I was on my knees between another man’s legs and sucking his hairy balls. But Max’s comments about him needing to cum put a little fear into me. I had no concept of what it might be like to feel him shooting his cum into my mouth.The only clue I had was that his precum that I sucked off his tangy balls had not tasted too badly. But, then I figured that I had gone that far so it couldn’t be that bad for him to cum in my mouth. And I of course noticed his comment that he would be fucking my mouth again after a few minutes of rest.The storm was still raging outside as I lifted and took my first taste of his cock. The rubbery texture of the head felt good in my mouth. The copious precum was also tasty and not quite as nasty as the remnants from his balls that had likely been mixed with sweat and the remnants of his piss. I started moving up and down on his cock, but I guess I wasn’t doing it quite right.Max looked down at me and said, “Listen up, cock sucker and I’ll tell you how to suck my cock. First, make sure to keep your teeth out of the way. And when you're moving up and down on my shaft, you should also be sucking on me. Make sure to suck real hard and move your tongue around the head. Then, slowly start taking more and more of my meat into your mouth. You may not be able to take it all down this first time, but with some practice I’ll have my balls on your lips and my cock head in your throat.”I continued sucking Max and must have been doing a better job. He had moved one hand behind my head and was thrusting his hips, pushing his big cock ever farther into my mouth. I was starting to really get into it when I heard him take out his cell phone and make a call. He had it on the speaker, so he wouldn’t have to hold it and could concentrate on me sucking his cock.The phone was ringing and then I heard someone answer, “Hello, this is Red. How can I help you, Max?”Whoever Red is must have seen Max’s name on the caller ID. Then Max replied, “Hi, Red. The question really is how can I help you? I’ve got a new cock sucker between my legs right now and he’s doing a fine job on my cock for it being his first time.”Then Red said, “No shit. Who the hell would you find to suck your cock in a storm like this?”Then Max said, “Do you remember that jogger who comes by here all of the time and smiles and waves to us? Well, his name is Ed, and when the storm started he asked if he could take refuge in my truck. To make a long story short, we started talking and I convinced him that he's probably a cock sucker but just didn’t know it yet.""We watched a couple of my porn videos and he really got excited when he saw that cuckold husband sucking cock. So, if you’re not too busy right now, you might want to stop by the substation and let him suck you off too. Neither one of us has had any pussy or a sweet mouth on our cocks for the last couple of weeks, so I’m guessing you need to shoot a load too.”I tried to lift my head off Max’s cock to tell him that I didn’t want to suck anyone else’s cock, but he just held my head in place and kept thrusting his cock into my mouth. Then Red responded to Max saying, “Okay, Max, but it’ll take me a few minutes to get there. Do you think he’ll still be there when I arrive?”Max laughed and said, “It’ll be another few minutes before I shoot my first load, then I’ll just keep him between my legs sucking on my balls and down towards my asshole until you get here. He's really enjoying it so far, and I don’t think he’ll mind waiting for another big cock to suck.”Then Red said, “Okay, I can be on the way in a few minutes. But, I haven’t had a chance to shower and clean up since I got home. Do you think it’ll be a problem that I’m not all clean for him?”Max laughed again and said, “Nah, that shouldn’t be a problem. You should have seen the way he took to sucking my sweaty balls with remnants of precum and piss from the day. He seemed to even enjoy it more when I lifted up my balls and he was sucking me close to my ass.”Red continued, “Holy shit, man. He really sounds like a nasty fucker for being such a new cock sucker. Who knows what else we might be able to get him to do for us in the future? Do you think he’d ever take our piss and suck our assholes like a couple of those other cock suckers do?”Max said, “Well, we can worry about all of that later. But from the way he’s handled this so far, I’ll bet I can get him to do almost anything for us. For now, just get over here and get some of his sweet mouth. You can just climb into the front seat and sit on the console facing the back. That way he can get to your cock and balls easily and I can stay laid out on the back seat.”Then Max said to me, “I wanted you to hear our conversation, so you could get excited about sucking Red’s cock too. He’ll be here pretty soon, so keep working on my cock.”I continued sucking Max’s big cock and had resigned myself to sucking Red’s cock too. The fact is that I really enjoyed the taste and feel of Max’s cock in my mouth, and I was even anticipating his ejaculation. In another five minutes or so I saw the headlights from Red’s truck flashing through the cab of the truck I was in. At about that same time I felt Max’s cock stiffen a little more and start pulsing as the first spurts of his thick cum shot into my mouth. The veins on his cock were also pulsing.I started swallowing to keep from choking and then Max said, “Oh fuck that feels good. The new guys don’t usually take to tasting and swallowing my cum that well. I can feel you sucking my cock and working your mouth and tongue on it as you swallow it down. Take it all, cock sucker, and get ready for your next cock cream meal from Red.”His cock had stopped pulsing and began to soften. I was enjoying sucking his cock and swallowing his cum so much that he had to push me off his meat, and then he pushed my face back down to his balls. I started sucking his balls again as I heard the front door of the truck open and Red got in. Then Red said, “Damn, look at him munching on those big balls. I can hardly wait to get that mouth around my balls and cock.”Then Max said, “Yeah, man, he did a great job. He didn’t even hesitate to swallow my thick cum. Go ahead and get your pants off and get up on the console so he can suck you too.”I still couldn’t see Red, but I heard him undressing and moving into place. The next thing I knew Max pushed me away from his balls and slid over a little. As I looked up I saw and felt Red’s hairy legs spread out in the back seat. All I had to do was turn half way around and I was staring at his big cock and balls right in front of my face. I then knew why they called him Red because the hair on his legs and groin is flame red and very thick.From where I was kneeling on the floor I could look up past his big cock and see Red’s face looking down at me, and he also has a thick head of red hair. He smiled and said, “Nice to meet you, Ed. Now get to work on those balls, man. They should be nice and ripe for you.”I looked at his genitals for a few seconds and noticed that his cock was about half hard and probably about as big as Max’s cock. But the difference is that Red is uncircumcised, and the thick foreskin was already dripping with his precum. As I moved closer to take his balls into my mouth I also noticed that he was a little more aromatic than Max had been before I cleaned him with my mouth.I took his hairy scrotum and balls into my mouth and noticed that they were a little nastier than Max’s had been. But for some reason I really enjoyed the nastiness of it. After a few minutes sucking his balls Red lifted them up and scooted down a little and said, “Oh yeah, suck my ass now, cock sucker. Lick me good and clean me up down there. “I did suck on his perineum for a few minutes, but just couldn’t bring myself to suck his ass. I might have on a day when he had just showered, but it was just too nasty to do it that day. So, I continued sucking his perineum and balls until he put his hands on the sides of my head and lifted me up saying, “Suck my cock now, man. I’ve got a huge load of man milk for you to slurp down.”His cock is about the same size as Max’s, but the foreskin made it feel different in my mouth. I liked the rubbery feel of it, but it wasn’t as clean as Max’s had been. I guess the foreskin trapped more remnants of his precum and piss, but it still tasted good to me.Red held my head in place while he forcefully fucked my face, and in only about five minutes he screamed, “Oh fuck, here it comes, man. Swallow fast so we don’t mess up the truck. Fuck, fuck fuck! That feels so good!”Then, I felt and tasted his streams of cum shoot into my mouth as his cock convulsed and throbbed. His load of cum was even bigger than Max’s, but I managed to get it all down without spilling any. His cock finally stopped throbbing and began to soften. Red then pushed me away and said, “Oh man, Ed, we’re really going to enjoy having you around to take care of our cocks for us.”That was the start of my new life as a bisexual cock sucker. I did suck Max again that first day, and over a period of the next few months I had sucked the cocks of all the men on his crew many times. Max even talked to me about the possibility of fucking my wife. I told him that she had no interest in sex of any kind, but agreed to help him if he wanted to try to fuck Sue.See Part Two which is entitled 'Cuckolded by Blue-Collar Cocks', where Max and some ot the other workers cuckold me by fucking my wife. It turns out that she became interested in sex again when she saw those huge cocks. I guess my little dick had been the problem all along. 

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