Thick Penis In A Pussy Of A Latin Woman

Thick Penis In A Pussy Of A Latin Woman

Kiana grabbed hold of his cock and began slowly stroking him as he stood behind her. His hand countered by sliding down her flat tight stomach to the top of her bikini bottoms. When his fingertips reached her waistband, he moved further down to begin rubbing her pussy through her bottoms. Kiana moaned loudly as her pussy ignited."Ohhh, god! Oh, Rick, I need you to fuck me! I need this cock inside me! Fuck me, baby, fuck me right now!" she said, tugging on his cock. He pushed her backward onto the bed and she fell with her legs spread wide open. It would seem the snooty Mrs. Harris had a bit of a slutty streak hiding down deep inside her! He climbed into bed between her spread legs kneeling between her thighs. She looked up at him watching him as he slowly pulled the ties at her hips to release her bikini bottoms. As the bottoms came untied, he peeled the front panel down and found Mrs. Harris had yet another surprise for him!"Kiana! You're shaved!" he exclaimed excitedly."Yes, I am. I do a lot of bikini photoshoots as well as underwear modeling and it helps to shave so the photos look nice–some of the bikinis and panties I wear are really skimpy!  I started shaving when I first began modeling and I just keep it bare now. I like the way it looks and feels," she explained."Well I think it's hot too!" he agreed, "I tried to get my girlfriend to shave hers and she did once, but she let it grow back saying it was too much work and it itched if she didn't shave it all the time.""It does itch at first but if you keep it shaved, the itching eventually goes away. Anymore it's just a matter of routine for me. I have to shave three times a week when I shower to keep it nice and smooth. But you tell me... is it worth the trouble?" she said smiling up at him."Oh definitely!" he said and he got down into position. "Your pussy looks amazing. Now let's see how it tastes!" He lowered his face until he was just inches from her. He could smell her musky woman-scent as it wafted up to his nostrils."Smells delicious!" he said licking his lips. He used his fingers to pull apart the swollen, pink, lips. He looked inside and saw the juices glistening and dripping from her walls. "Mmmm, nice and juicy too. You look good enough to eat!""Ohhhh! Please, Rick, please eat my pussy! Walter doesn't like to eat my pussy, he thinks the whole idea is disgusting. I miss being eaten out so much! Please eat me! Eat my sweet peach, baby!" she implored him.Rick couldn't believe how any man could find eating pussy to be disgusting, but he wasn't going to question it. If Walter didn't want a treat like this, he was more than willing to take advantage of the offer himself!"Ohh fuck, Yes!" Kiana cried out when his tongue plunged deep into the warm sweet hole. He thrust his tongue as deep as he could get it into her and immediately it began squirming around looking for every crevice and fold that might hold a delicious drop of her sweetness. It was like his tongue knew just what to do all on its own. His mouth fastened itself securely to her bald slit as his tongue went about its devilish work.She tried to slam her legs shut–a natural response to such a trespass–but Rick was ready for it and prevented her from resisting. Quickly overcoming her instinctive reaction and enjoying what he was doing, she spread her legs wider, using her hands to hold them wide apart with her knees to her chest and her feet in the air. She gave him as much access and room to work as she could, thrusting her hips toward the teasing mouth as she moaned and cooed happily.Rick took advantage of her open position, thanking her for her cooperation by licking and lapping at her naked pussy greedily like it was the wellspring of life itself and he was parched. Kiana moaned and ground her pussy at him, completely enraptured at the tongue-lashing he was giving her. She fucked his mouth, her lust now at a full boil. Rick could not believe that a woman this hot and this sexy wasn't being taken full advantage of. He didn't know Mr. Harris personally, but Rick thought he must be an idiot not to tap this at every opportunity!Kiana had indeed missed being eaten and Rick was very good at it. So good, in fact, that she was completely unprepared when her first orgasm came upon her like a tidal wave. She didn't see it coming, she was enjoying what he was doing too much to be paying attention to anything else. And Rick was totally focused on his task as well. So it caught them both off guard when Kiana suddenly cried out, "Oh my God! Oh fuck, I'm cumming! Oh, I'm cuuumminnggg!"Rick was able to pull his face up just as her juices began to trickle out of her spasming pussy. He watched mesmerized as she pushed her juices out in a little river onto the bed. Her pussy looked as if it was trying to turn itself inside out and her legs quivered and shook with the effort. Kiana writhed and twisted and contorted as her orgasm took over her body wringing her out like an old dishrag. She pitched and bucked and twisted for what seemed like an eternity to her, but in reality, was only about five minutes. However, it left her gasping for air and glistening with sweat as she lay on the bed, too exhausted to move.Rick moved up her supine and helpless body. He wanted to give her a chance to catch her breath and come down from her orgasm but he didn't want her to cool off completely. He wanted to keep her simmering so that he could bring her back to a boil easily. He busied himself licking and chewing on her hard erect nipples and soft pillowy tits. As he feasted on her, Kiana moaned and clawed at the bed. "Oh my God, Rick! Oh, baby, your mouth feels wonderful! Yes! Ohh, I love the way you chew on my nipples! Now bite them, baby, bite them hard! I want to feel your teeth! Oh, god, Yes! Oh, fuck that's so hot!" she moaned. She grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face into her tit harder. He could see her legs writhing and squirming around like a couple of snakes on the bed as her pussy burned out of control now."Please, Rick! Please fuck me now! God, I need your cock in my pussy! Please, I need to feel you inside me! Fuck me, Rick! Fuck me hard... fuck me like a dirty whore!" she cried, not even bothering to hide the desperation in her voice. The pretentious, highfaluting Mrs. Harris was begging him to fuck her like a common street whore!This gave Rick an idea. He moved off her to kneel on the bed next to her. Grabbing a handful of her soft brown curled hair he hauled her head up to look at him. "So the high and mighty Mrs. Walter Harris, the cream of high society, wants to be fucked like a common whore! Is that what I'm hearing?" he growled sarcastically."Yes! Oh please, Rick, please I need to be fucked so bad! Please, please fuck me!" she cried."What would your tea-sipping, high society, country club ladies think if they saw you naked and begging to be fucked by a gardener? I think they'd be jealous because I am going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before! I'm going to show you how us regular folk fuck... and trust me when I tell you, you won't be walking away when we are finished! "Since your pussy of a husband won't satisfy you, then it's up to me... and I will see to it you remember the day a common gardener planted himself in your garden!" he sneered.Kiana about came just from his words. "Oh God, Rick! Ohhh fuck!" she moaned. "Please fuck me! Pleeeease!"He gave her head one last shake. "Alright slut, roll over and get on your knees. Face down, ass up–you know the drill! Show me that tight ass... I'm going to fuck that nasty whore cunt from the back, the way us common folk like it! The way a street whore fucks!" he barked.With another great moan, she rolled over and got on her hands and knees. He pushed her head and chest to the bed. "Put that face down into your pillow... that way when you scream you won't wake up the neighbors!" he said. Then he moved her knees further apart. Putting a hand on her ass, he rubbed her pussy from behind and she moaned and wriggled her ass humping her hips in time to his stroking her. Her pussy drooled as his fingers played between her lips, not going inside too far, he just wanted to tease her and make her crazy for him. And she was... Kiana was nearly out of her mind by now. Walter was a good provider... she had every luxury and convenience she could hope for. But as good as he was in spoiling her, he failed miserably in his comfort of her. He was opposed to physical affection. He simply wasn't the "touchy-feely" type. He was likewise averse to verbal affection... he rarely talked to her except to tell her he would be home from work and to have dinner ready. He wasn't verbally assaultive, he merely ignored her. Kiana missed all the hugging, kissing, and sex. She missed the connection two people who should be in love would have. Now that this gardener was giving her the physical affection and attention she craved, Kiana was devouring it like she was starved.When Rick felt Kiana could wait no more, he moved around behind her. He placed his hard eager cock in position, mere centimeters from her waiting, hungry pussy, then leaned over her. With one hand he grabbed her hair pulling her head up before he spoke, "Remember today, slut... the day a high-society California whore got fucked... by a Mexican! That's right, baby, I'm half-Mexican. My mother may be white, but my father was an illegal immigrant from Rosarito!" he growled in her ear.This new piece of information made the experience even more degrading and humiliating for Kiana–and infinitely hotter! Without realizing it, Rick had tapped into a hidden well of eroticism for her. She loved being humiliated and degraded in bed! Him calling her a whore and slut was one thing; that heated her up to be sure. But for someone in her social circles, knowing that she was about to be fucked by a (gasp) half-Mexican gardener, was the ultimate degradation. But now, with this guy, this gardener, she was giving consent and even wanting it!With Kiana moaning and trembling under him and her pussy running like a broken water main. his teasing and taunting had come to an end. He rose back up grabbed her on both hips and shoved his cock fully into her slick wet hole."Ohhh-fuuuckk-yesss!" Kiana screamed out, burying her face back into her pillow. Rick started thrusting into her hard and deep making his balls hit her ass and causing her to grunt with every thrust. He was not being nice, he was fucking her like he was mad at her. He pounded into her like it was personal and he was getting even with his station in life. He wanted this stuck up, rich bitch to feel what it was like to be him!Kiana grabbed the sides of the pillow, holding her face deep in it as he took his aggression out in her already sensitized pussy. He gave her everything he had too, he didn't figure
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he was going to get another chance at this and he wanted to make it the best he could give. He hadn't had much in the way of sex either so he wanted this chance at some rich pussy to be even sweeter. For her part, it had been a long long time since she had been filled like this. She wasn't in the habit of cheating on her husband, this was only the second time in the nearly twenty years that they had been married that she had done this and the first time she was drunk out of her mind. This time there was no excuse for over-libation; she was clear-headed and this was intentional. She wanted to get even with her husband! Rick slammed into her over and over, it was like he wanted to punch a hole in her pussy! She took everything he gave her though and the harder and more fiercely he thrust into her the more she liked it. She was delighting in this rough treatment soaking up the experience like a sponge, this would make for some very nice dreams for those late-night fantasies!"How are you doing whore? You enjoying this fucking, gutter-tramp?" he asked as he smacked her upturned ass hard."Yes! Oh fuck, Rick! Oh my God, your cock... oh it feels sooo good! Oh, yes, fuck me just like that! Ohhh, Godddd..." Kiana moaned.His thrusts continued relentlessly. He was like a machine, he didn't slow down or ease up in the least. And Kiana could feel her orgasm building once again. This one wasn't going to catch her off-guard. She saw this one coming, but there was precious little she could do to stop it or even slow down its progression. Rick's undaunted cock plowed into her over and over; how long would it be before she could no longer hold back her orgasm? She would come again, that much was certain. Rick would see to it that she had another earth-shattering, mind-bending orgasm.Rick had noted her reaction the first time he swatted her ass. He saw how it made her squeal and how she wriggled her ass in response to the stinging swat. He threw in a few more swats on both ass cheeks as he fucked her until Kiana's ass turned a lovely shade of pink. The stinging of her ass and the indescribable pleasure his cock was giving her was enough to make any woman explode in joyous orgasmic bliss. But this was Kiana, a woman who hadn't known such pleasure for far too long. And it was soon to overtake her."Oh, God Rick! I'm cumming again! Oh please, baby, make me cum! Oh my god, I need to cummm... I need to... Ohhh mmyyy Gaawwddd!" she screamed into her pillow again. Once more she poured her sweet honey out onto the bed, adding to the huge wet spot from before and coating both of them in sweet stickiness.This orgasm lasted just as long as the first one and again he gave her a brief respite to gather herself. But unlike before he didn't pacify himself with just nibbling on her tits. Instead, he kept her in the same ass up/face down position and instead played with her tight upturned asshole."I'm going to fuck this tight asshole now. I'm going to fuck this ass till you can't sit down ladylike! You can explain to your tea swilling ladies why you have to stand at your next luncheon!" he said and he pushed a fingertip into her tight hole."Oh God, Rick, I'm not sure..." she said."Don't worry, I have. I'll take it slow and easy," he said."Okay if you think so, but be very careful... I have never... uh... done anal before," she said cautiously.Already kneeling behind her, Rick took hold of his steel-hard cock. Her entire pussy ass-crack and asshole were covered in slippery pussy juice from her excitement, so lubrication was not an issue. Kiana was still breathing heavily, as he touched his fat cockhead against her asshole. She moaned and gripped the pillow shoving a wad into her mouth in preparation for his entry. "Here we go...nice and slow..." he said."O-Okay..." she gasped. He pressed forward a little, first feeling her asshole open slightly to his cock. "Uuunnnggghhhh," she groaned and tightened her hole, pushing his cock back out."Okay let's try it again," he said, pressing forward again. She started breathing heavier, and her hole opened a bit more to his insistent cock."Ohhh Gaaawd!" she screamed and tightened her hole again pushing his cock back out again. "Okay whore... let's go again," he said. This time she looked back at him, watching his face. He met her gaze and held her eyes as he pushed into her. Kiana's mouth opened in a silent scream as her asshole opened even more. Then his fat cockhead popped into her crinkled tight back hole."Aahhh!" she screamed into her pillow, her legs trembling. She looked back at him, her eyes a mixture of pleading for him to stop, and pleading for him to continue. Rick held his cock steady, with just the head inside her anal ring, letting her get used to it for a few seconds. Kiana was breathing heavy uuhh... uuhh... uuhh, as if she was giving birth. "There we go!" he said, "My cock is in your ass... do you like it? Do you like this dirty gardener's cock in your lily-white ass?" Rick started to press his cock further into her slowly, all while she moaned in that mixture of pleasure and pain that made ass-fucking so hot.Then she spoke and the words she used caught Rick by surprise. They were the sexiest words he'd ever heard... and words totally out of place with what he expected for a high-society, upper-crust lady like her."Oh fuck Rick, fuck me! Fuck me up the ass! Ass-fuck your slut whore! I love it, I love having your hard thick cock in my ass! Oh, fuck it hurts. It hurts so good!" she moaned, clawing and reaching for something to grab onto. Her words just made Rick fuck her harder, as he grabbed her tits...pinching and pulling the tender nipples and sinking his fingers deep in her firm milky flesh. He was fucking her ass like a cheap two-dollar whore. He thrust into her over and over again as she opened up her ass more for him, her ass devouring his cock greedily. Then he pulled his cock from her tight hole and moved back to lay down on the bed beside her. "Now get on top and ride me. I want you to fuck yourself on my cock. I want you to fuck your ass with my cock!" he said. Her eyes wide open, and full of wanton lust, she turned around, squatting over him with her feet on the bed, and grabbed his cock, holding it pointed at her ass.She started to sit, while he held her tits. Rick's cock started to sink into her tiny hole. Fuck it was tight! He reached down and started to finger fuck her cunt as his cock head popped into her ass again for the second time. "Oh my God Rick! Oh God, it's so fucking big! Ohhh, Owww... My poor ass... it's stretched so big... Oh, fuck me... fuck me, Fuck me! Fuck me up my slut asshole Rick! Ohhhh, fuck my nasty dirty whore ass!" she moaned and cried and screamed. She began to ride him, bouncing at first, but taking longer strides as she got used to him. So much for her country club, upper-crust standards! he thought to himself. "That's it, ride that cock you fucking slut. Show me what a cock whore you really are!" he said between grunts. She had managed to swallow half his cock in her asshole now, and he started to thrust upwards on her downstroke, fucking up into her until the whole thing was up her ass and was sliding in and out the whole length with each of her bounces.Her mouth was spewing all manner of nasty obscenities as they fucked. "Ohhhh, I have my gardener's cock in my virgin ass! I am assfucking a dirty Mexican gardener! Oh my God... fuck my ass! Oh please assfuck me! I'm a dirty, nasty slut... an assfucking cock whore... I want it up my tight ass... ass-fuck me!"It was then Rick began to feel that familiar tingle start to build in his balls and he knew what that meant. The largest load of cum he'd ever had was brewing in his nuts and he was getting close to exploding himself. "I'm gonna cum whore... have you ever had cum shot on your face and tits?" he managed to say between his panting."No, never! Oh God, that's so slutty! Oh please, please cum on my face Rick, cum on my whore face please!" she begged as she jumped off the bed and knelt on the polished hardwood floor.He stood quickly and pointed his stiff throbbing cock at Kiana's slutty face. She was holding her tits out like a tray for him to cum on."First, suck my cock slut... taste your nasty whore ass on my cock!" he commanded. She knelt down between his legs and slurped his whole large cock into her open sexy mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on his cock, sucking as hard as she could while he held her hair."Now, open that whore mouth... let me shoot my hot sticky cum in there," he grunted. She dutifully obliged, sticking her wanton tongue out too. Rick tugged on his cock hard. The first long rope of white cum hit her face, on her left cheek, into her hair and down beside her mouth, some also landed on her left tit. The second rope was just as long, and his aim was better, most shot into her mouth and some on her nose and down to her chin, and a large amount between her tits. The third was a bit smaller but it got her face again, and her hair. After the third shot, Rick plunged his cock into her mouth and face fucked her a bit... then pulled out and shot three more ropes of cum on her tits. Collecting the cum on her face and licking it off her fingers, Kiana then raised herself up and grabbing his cock, used it to smear the cum on her tits around letting it dry on her skin. When she had coated her small tits and nipples with his seed, she popped it back in her mouth, sucking the last few drops of his cum from him and squeegeeing him clean with her lips.Clean now he pulled her to her feet and into a deep passionate kiss. He didn't mind tasting himself on her tongue and she certainly didn't mind the after-sex kiss. The pair found a clean spot to lay down on and they lay together for about an hour cuddling and enjoying being together.Finally, though, he had to leave. He had to get back to work and she had to get cleaned up and ready for her husband to come home."Um, I don't know how to ask this–I don't usually do this–but... I'd really like to see you again," she said, looking down at her wringing hands."I'd like that too," he said. "I had a good time and it's been a while since I could say that.""I had a really good time too. Thank you, Rick. it's been a long time since I felt like a woman. Usually, I am just an annoyance."Rick lifted her chin and looked her in the eyes. "You are never an annoyance to me, Kiana." It was the first time he called her by name and she melted. He kissed her again and handed her a card with his business number on it. "My personal number is on the back. Give me a call when you need some more 'planting' done!" he said with a wink. I hope you have enjoyed this story. I wrote it exclusively for only. If you are seeing it anywhere else (such as SexChatPartner by the person known as "Sophia") it has been copied there without my consent. 

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